A New England Weekend Wedding

I couldn't have loved this wedding more. It was a little difficult dodging the sudden tornado warnings and unpredictable winds and rain... but in between the drizzles we managed to capture a beautiful, incredibly fun weekend wedding. The bride and groom rented a Norman Rockwell style house in the hills of Connecticut near the Berkshires and it was amazing. The food was interesting, healthy and unlike any wedding food I've had. It was incredible. The guests, the couple, the family couldn't be more inviting and adorable, and I felt right at home photographing a Jewish wedding. I was so in love with this house- that's why there are photos of even the bathroom. ;)

What an unforgettable weekend. Love to the sweet bride & groom.


  1. Beautiful images! And that dress!!!! :-) xo Eva

  2. I love her dress and love the feel. You captured the details perfectly.

  3. I've looked at this wedding a few times...I love these photos so much!